Gluten Free Christmas Gifts To Show You Care

What do you give as a gift to a child you love who lives gluten free?

Well there are a multitude of items that you could give to show how much you care...

A gift certificate to a really kid friendly gluten free friendly restaurant.
Our local favorites are Fuel Pizza or Jason's Deli

A gift basket of favorite gluten free snack foods - Even better if they are homemade or maybe some visions of sugarplums from Babycakes NYC Bakery - Yum!

A small gf makeup sampler or maybe a gluten free body care sampler from a company that provides gluten free alternatives like Arbonne

How about a patch or sticker from Jeeto that your child can add to their backpack for school as a litttle reminder to the teacher about them remaining gluten free?

Or how about tickets to a ballgame whose arena serves GF friendly foods?
Or maybe it can simply be that you make GF sugar cookies together from Bob's Red Mill mix and then ice them.

Millions of possibilities exist.
Just be creative and strive that extra mile as always and you'll come up with a winner:-)

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