Celebrities Gluten Free Diet Or Celiac? - The Movie/TV/ Singer Star Series

In the last post we fed into the growing fascination within the gluten free community by posting an in-depth look at the growing number of gluten free celebrities and figuring out whether they eat gluten free out of necessity or out of dietary choice. All analysis aside over why we are GF Celebrity crazy, as the diagnosis rates climb, there are more of them coming out of the gluten free closet with regularity. 

Recently an article claimed there must be a celebrity Celiac epidemic and in fact, there were so many new ones that our list got quite long. So, instead of giving you a long list which is copied from the latest update, it might be good for those of us too old to know some of the younger ones and vice versa to have a more comprehensive list so you know who they are. And also so that you can read the tidbits behind how they handle the limelight when faced with speaking about their diet. Because of the extra information given, the list will be broken up into categories in order for this post not to be several pages long.

To make it interesting, we will start with the latest Actresses and Actors who live gluten free:

Two of my all time favorite actresses from totally different ends of the spectrum, Goldie Hawn (Laugh-In, Seems Like Old Times) and Juliette Lewis (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Strange Days) share being celiac and gluten free as well as a whole bunch of their acting friends. “Ms. Hawn, like Lewis, has Celiac’s disease, so she’s probably been patronizing gluten free bakeries for some time now. This is an older photo of her, but at 65 she’s still looking pretty good. Definitely not like your typical grandma” Reported Josef’s Gluten Free Blog.

Jennifer Esposito - Jennifer Esposito is an American actress and dancer who is best known for her appearances in films such as I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Summer of Sam and Crash and in television series such as Spin City, The Looney Tunes Show and Samantha Who? She was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2002.

Emmy pictured above
Emmy Rossum (Actress)  According to her IMDB page, Rossum, the  lead in the 2004 film adaptation of "The Phantom of theOpera," is a fellow Celiac. You may also recognize her from "The Day After Tomorrow" with Jake Gyllenhaal .

Susie Essman  is an American comedienne and actress. Her latest role is “Susie Green” on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusaism. Essman was diagnosed as a celiac in 2002.”The good thing,” about the disease quips the comedienne, “is that I don’t have to worry about my weight anymore.”

Tensley Molzahn pictured above in bathing suit
And although I’m not sure you can call a contestant on The Batchelor a professional actor/actress, Tenley Molzahn, Bachelor Contestant has been reported to have celiac.

Sarah Vowell - Sarah Jane Vowell is and American author, journalist, humorist and commentator,voice of Violet from the movie Incredibles). Both she and her twin sister suffer from celiac disease. Vowell  says she has a “wheat allergy”, is obsessed with the magazine “Living Without,” which she says “has the most downbeat name of any magazine since ‘Downbeat.’” She wonders why “the publishers don’t come clean and call it “Loser?” She also admits that the “corny” and “reassuring” magazine makes her feel less alone because her friends have “an underwhleming grasp of the pros and cons of various brands of soy flour.” Her hilarious segment on This American Life about living without wheat is worth a listen (it starts at about 17:35).

Deb Wheaton, the mother of Wil Wheaton, the actor (Star Trek, NG, Stand By Me) and his sister, Amy, have it. Her blog was mentioned via Wil's blog

Wil Wheaton pictured at left in the movie Stand By Me

Joe C  -  Unfortunately Joseph Calleja, the 3 foot 9 inch sidekick to Kid Rock, was not so lucky. Joe C, as he was known, died in 2000 at the age of 26 in his home in Taylor, Michigan,

Joe C. pictured at left & right with Kid Rock on stage
“following a lifelong battle with Celiac disease, a painful intestinal disorder that each day required him to take 65 pills and hook up to a dialysis machine. The degenerative disease was also responsible for stunting his growth and made it difficult for him to spend long
stretches on the road with the band. C. was found this morning by members of his family. He 

had celebrated his 26th birthday Nov. 9.” ABC NewsRead more about the small statured performer Joe C and may he rest in peace...

Keep checking back as the next installment will be the T.V., Radio, & Media Celebrities who are gluten free...

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