Gluten Free Pasta Straight From Italy At R.O.C.K. Party

We had heard much about an Italian company Farmo from people who had tried their biscotti and pasta. At the last R.O.C.K. meeting, we had the huge surprise of walking into our event and Farmo representative, Philip Gentlesk, warmly greeted us. On behalf of Farmo, Philip generously offered up samples of their gluten free pasta with cheese and marinara on top of their yummy shells. And the kids went back for many samples if that tells you anything. As we say in my house, "A clean plate with no complaint is a keeper"

If you haven't heard of Farmo -
Farmo is an Italian company which makes an assorted variety of gluten free products. Their pasta has been much acclaimed as well as their gluten free breadsticks and assorted GF cookies that have made it finally across the ocean to here in America.

It is available now or soon locally in Healthy Home Market, Earthfare and we heard possibly Bloom will be carrying them also.
According to their website: "The product range is big and in developement. We have pasta, bread, snack, dessert, muffins, specialty mixes suitable for custard cream, florentine- crokant, Muffin. " and they are a dedicated gluten free facility:-)

Grazie Farmo!

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