Hippity, Hoppity, Gluten Free Easter Is On It's Way

Here comes Peter Cottontail...Hoppin' down the bunny trail...

Some of us may have bunnies for pets but most of us just get a chocolate bunny to eat at Easter. Easter baskets are a tradition still in many American homes. But if your basket recipient is eating a gluten free diet then what gluten free candies are ok to lavish upon them? And what if you have to have gluten free, dairy free, peanut free, or any combination of allergens?

In the following links we will provide you with some product sources which have been recommended. As always, you should read all labels yourself and contact a manufacturer if there are any questions as to the validity or origin of their ingredients.


Common Easter candies reported to be gluten free:

  • Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

  • Starburst Jelly Beans

  • Peeps

  • Snickers Bars (full size or miniatures)

  • M & M’s (dark, peanut butter, milk, peanut, almond)

  • Skittles Reese’s Pieces

  • Hershey’s Kisses

  • Just Born Jelly Beans

  • Cadbury Mini Eggs

  • Cadbury Cream Eggs

  • Dove Dark

  • Dove Milk

  • Dove Caramel

  • Mounds

  • Baby Ruth Crème Egg

  • Butterfinger Nest Eggs

  • Nestle Caramel Nest Eggs

  • Nestle Peanut Butter Nest Eggs

  • Nestle Milk Chocolate Nest Eggs

  • Pez

  • Pixie Sticks

  • Pop Rocks

  • Rolo

  • Sour Patch Kids

  • Sweet Tarts

  • Three Musketeers
**Remember that all ingredients are subject to change and that special Holiday candies by a company may not be the same as the original. For example: Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts at Valentines contain gluten even though Reese's Cups do not.**

Naturally Dyed Gluten Free Easter Eggs



1 quart water +2 tbsp white vinegar

Color Elements:

Blue: Red Cabbage, 4 cups

Yellow: 3 tbsp turmeric

You Can also try the following color elements:

4 cups onion skins (12 onions)

4 cups chopped Beets

1 quart strong coffee, no water


To make each dye, bring water, vinegar, and color element to a boil, lower the heat, simmer 30 min and strain dye. You can boil eggs with dye or cold dip, for 5 seconds up to overnight, and dry on wire wrap. For Turmeric, you can just add the powder to hot water without boiling it.

Deep yellow- soak eggs in turmeric for a long time

Teal- Soak eggs in turmeric solution for 30 minutes and then cabbage soak for 5 seconds.

Bright Blue- Soak eggs in cabbage solution overnight (or just for a long time)

*Source: Martha Stewart

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