Five Simple Questions To Gluten Free Living

Every person struggles with getting a diagnosis of Celiac Disease or simply not completely knowing whether it is just a gluten intolerance or not - No matter what age.

Adults who have unknowingly spent their whole lives with Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance will begin to have more serious health issues show up as they age. For children, there have been mutitudes of disorders which are now being linked to the same problem. Things like: Autism, ADD, ADHD, Diabetes, & behavioral problems.

With the steady rise in all of the auto-immune disorders, wouldn't it be more practical to just go ahead and screen all children who met a certain criteria rather than wait for other issues to develop?
Well a medical team out of Denmark has created a simple five question survey to help answer the question of whether or not you might want to consider testing for Celiac Disease:

click on the link above to see the article as posted on Celiac.com

1.Has your child ever suffered from abdominal pain more than twice during the last three months?

2.Has your child ever had diarrhea lasting more than two weeks?

3.Does your child have a tendency to firm and hard stools?

4.Does your child gain enough weight?

5.Does your child gain enough height?


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