Tips for an Allergen Friendly Holiday

Are you ready for the Holidays? If it is your first gluten or allergen free holiday, please check out the many resources available online to help you through. We have made a list below to help guide you on your search:

  1. Pinterest - If you don't have an account, or are too young yet, get one through a parent or as a parent - It is a must! So many gluten free recipes are there and you can see the finished product. We also have a couple recipe sections to peruse What's For Dinner?
  2. Amazon - This site runs specials and helps you save money big time on bulk. Don't need a case? Ask a support group if they want to share them. Also, you can find dozens of allergy friendly cookbooks here.
  3. Coupons - Most companies have coupons on their sites and recipe sections. Like: Enjoy Life Foods,and Udi's Gluten Free.
  4. School - Suggest a non-food party or have an allergen free one catered by a local business that accommodates.
  5. Potluck Invites - Perhaps plan on showing later and enjoying company after everyone eats. You can also take enough to feed yourself or eat before attending. But, whatever you do, don't cheat! It's not worth it.
  6. Give someone or yourself an allergen free gift basket 
  7. Be kind to yourself - Don't take to heart mess ups while cooking or planning, because this is a learning process for everyone. And if someone tries to rain on your parade with callous remarks, try to focus on your better health instead of their lack of knowledge.
It is hard sometimes to be idyllic, but we are just glad you are healthier than you were, and growing healthier each day. The new year will bring new changes and it's getting better out there with every ounce of energy we give it.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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