Be Aware Of Foods That May Be Unsafe For Celiac Disease

We'd like to introduce you to Carla Spacher, who writes a wonderful blog called Gluten Free Recipe Box. We are so glad to have found her on Facebook and follow her posts which are chock full of great gluten free information.

Today she posted a very helpful guide of foods celiac patients should avoid including the ever increasingly worrisome MSG and its link to issues like autism. Her post also discusses that rice milk can also contain gluten, reinforcing that buyers should always be concerned about the source of their foods. But even better was a helpful list of foods that all celiacs should avoid or beware of possible issues. Here is that list:

Celiac-Foods to Avoid

•Wheat flour including all purpose flour and whole wheat flour

•Oats that are not marked gluten-free



•Gluten Flour

•Graham Flour (wheat)

•Semolina Flour (wheat)

•Triticale (a cross of wheat and rye)

•Bulgur (wheat)

•Spelt (sometimes causes a reaction similar to wheat)

•Durum – also known as emmer (wheat)

•Couscous (semolina wheat)

•Kamut (sometimes causes a reaction similar to wheat)

•Seitan (wheat)

•Einkorn (European and Asian wheat)

•Fu (usually wheat if from Asia)

•Gravies and soups thickened with wheat flour

•Foods manufactured in a facility that manufactures any gluten products: wheat, rye, barley and most oats

•Dextrin – may be made from wheat

•Envelope Glue – may be made with wheat, other than vegetable based envelope glue

•Protein – HVP or Hydrolyzed Plant Protein – may come from wheat

•Imitation Seafood – also known as sirimi – may contain wheat

•Modified Food Starch – also found in prescription and over-the-counter medications

•Cosmetics containing gluten

•Veined Cheese – may contain gluten bread


•Ovaltine and other flavored milk mixes

•Some alcohol (see gluten-free alcohol list)

•Flavored and instant coffees, some herbal teas

•Root beer

•Tortillas, that are not 100% corn and contain gluten/wheat, etc.

•Crackers (not marked gluten-free)

•Wafers, biscuits, croutons, bread crumbs, doughnuts, graham crackers, (not marked gluten-free)

•Anything with malt flavoring, or Malt syrup, malted milk

•Rice Dream brand rice milk (contains a barley enzyme) (check all labels)

•Certain sour creams, yogurts, ice creams, most all light or fat-free dairy products

•Artificial creamers, processed cheese spreads, some chocolate milk drinks

•Pies, cakes, cookies (not gluten-free), commercial pudding mixes, ice cream cones, cake mixes

•Some commercial salad dressings, some mayonnaise

•Commercial canned fruit with gluten thickening

•Imitation Seafood

•Prepared meats, canned tuna containing Hydrolyzed Vegetable or Plant protein (HVP)

•Self-basting turkeys (often injected with HVP)

•Canned Soups, dehydrated soup mixes, bouillion, and boullion cubes

•Creamed, breaded and scalloped vegetables

•Some baked beans, some prepared salad mixes

•Commercial candies and cake decorations

•Some ketchups and mustards

•Soy sauce (use Tamari sauce – San J makes a great one)

•Some mixed spices such as taco seasonings, etc.

This is by no means a complete list, but will give you a good start if you are new to the gluten-free diet. Read your labels and know your ingredients. For other products contact the manufacturer with any questions. Products contain phone numbers for this very reason.
*as posted by Gluten Free Carla


  1. Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. If there are any questions I can answer or if there are any particular recipes anyone is looking for, I would be more than glad to help.


  2. Thank you so much Carla for being a valuable resource to the gluten free community!

  3. You are very welcome. I have been updating the list on a weekly basis. So everyone should check back often. I will have to categorize it soon.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I have also created a gluten-free candy list. It's posted at http://glutenfreerecipebox.com/gluten-free-candy-list

    I hope this helps someone from becoming ill.


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