Gluten Free Seafood in a Real Southern Fish Camp‏

Do any of you on a gluten free diet miss going to a fried fish restaurant occasionally and having the old Southern tradition of fried flounder, popcorn shrimp, or oysters with a side of hushpuppies, french fries, and slaw?

Well, my family owns Lake Todd Fish Camp, which is located centrally between Lake Norman and Concord , N.C. off of Highway 3. It is an old rustic seafood restaurant in a scenic country setting that is now offering gluten free options on their menu! Normally I just add a restaurant to the All Star Rock List (link can be found on left of page). But having fried fish or hushpuppies that are gluten free is almost unheard of, so I wanted to share. 

My daughter, who has celiac disease, has been a good reason for them to start offering gluten free options and this was achieved because one of the deep fryers was dedicated to french fries only. Now, that same fryer handles only gluten free fish, hushpuppies and fries! Even the tartar sauce is made with gluten free ingredients. If you do not want fried fish, they also have grilled and broiled options. The salad bar is stocked with veggies out of the garden and gluten free salad dressing options.

It touches my heart that our daughter has been the reason for so many changes that have positively affected the gluten free community. If it weren't for her, I would not have chartered R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) Charlotte. I would not have been a part of making the first Charlotte Gluten Free Expo happen. And ultimately, my family would not have likely had to adapt her fish dinners to gluten free at their restaurant. Sometimes I find it amazing how a turn of events can impact so many.

Here is the website for Lake Todd Fish Camp which has a menu link: http://www.laketoddfishcamp.blogspot.com/
You won't believe the prices - very affordable!:
So, step back in time while eating gluten free safely in a real Southern "Fish Camp" steeped in history and family run for close to 50 years. Oh, and if you don't mind, be sure to tell my aunt Delane who runs the restaurant that I sent you:-)


  1. Great news, please thank your aunt! I live in Shelby. Have been on gluten free diet for 13 years. I have missed fried fish! My family and I will have to make a point in time to go there, even though it is far! I am so thankful that the public is becoming more and more aware of people on all types of diets.... there more choices of "GOOD" tasting food should be offered to meet their diet needs! Thank you for this information! Pat Hamrick, Shelby, NC

  2. Thank you Pat - I will tell her. I know it is a drive but the local celiac group has had glowing remarks about it. I don'y think you'll be disappointed:-)


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