Read All About It - National Company Features R.O.C.K. Charlotte In Guest Blog

As more becomes known about digestive health, studies are showing that balancing out the bacteria in the digestive tract provides a healthier environment. This balancing can be done with the addition of probiotics in the diet. And wouldn't it be nice if the probiotics were disguised in a healthy little chocolate treat?

Well, look no further than Attune probiotic wellness bars.
These little bars are chock full of beneficial probiotics which have been clinically proven to aid in promoting digestive health and are low in sugar content. They have several gluten free options in products and are active in promoting awareness about all digestive disorders.

Because of their active involvement with these issues, they have garnered over 30,000 e-subscribers to their newsletter and were picked as a favorite on the go snack by the Celiac Disease Foundation. This month they have been hosting a series of articles on Celiac Awareness in honor of our May month. Attune's Online Community Manager, Annelies, asked our Coordinator to write a guest blog for them on "Tips for going gluten free".

We also recommend you trying Attune's Probiotic Wellness Bars for yourself.
And remember - Keep spreading Celiac Awareness and educating those who need it everyday, not just in May:-)

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