Newly Diagnosed & Gluten Free?

If you are new to being gluten free...
Here's a BIG hug and reassurance that you WILL be able to manage this journey.
Life has changed - Try to focus on what you CAN eat, not what you can't.
One day, this will seem easier than in the beginning.

Here are 5 goals to accomplish for anyone newly diagnosed:

1. Find a dietician who is knowledgeable about gluten free.
Dieticians can tell you what you can eat, help you put together menus for your child's nutrition, give you the steps to accomplish living gluten free successfully, and aid you on getting the right supplements. Your gastroenterologist or diagnosing physician should be able to refer you to someone reputable.

2. Reading labels is mandatory.
It is a must to read labels even on brands you typically buy. Because of a company's ability to change ingredients on a regular basis, you can't always assume something is gluten free because you bought it once before. After you begin to read labels, you might start making some other healthier choices in the end. Reading something somehow spells it out, if you know what I mean:-)
Here is a list of GF Safe Ingredients. If you aren't sure though - It's best to not try.

3. Back to the basics in cooking:
I met a woman in the health market and she was asking me questions in the gluten free aisle.
She said, "So it's like going back to the basics and cooking like your grandmother did?"
I said, "Basically."
Yes, the gluten free market is exploding with pre-made mixes and the sort but if you want to be 100% sure you are gluten free - Then I suggest at least watching some basic cooking videos if you are not an accomplished cook. Sometimes all we need is a little visual step by step to spark our learning curve.

4. The internet is your best gluten free friend. There are hundreds of blogs, recipes, articles, videos and important links to national support groups and email groups which are local to you and can provide you with the help you need. We have many listed here in the School Lunch Section, the Product List, and Recipe Section. A support group is your most valuable tool in having the ability to work through the entangled web of gluten in our lives due to processed foods.

5. Parents have an added challenge of making sure their children's school environment is gluten free and safe. There are many websites with information about the 504 plan which mandates that your child be given the rights to be in a safe environment and be offered foods to meet their needs. Many of our parents in R.O.C.K. Charlotte can be support for those who need it during this process. I decided a different route because of my daughter's absences while being diagnosed which put her behind. She is now home schooled and on honor roll. She is gluten free, healthy, and happy which is all we needed.

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