Miss USA Pageant Has A Rock Star For Celiac Disease Awareness

Who is Jenna Drew?
Well she is a contestant in the Miss USA pageant, but she has also been dubbed a "Rock Star" for her volunteer efforts in the March 2010 Newsletter of The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness.
Jenna Drew has been promoting Celiac Awareness throughout Pennsylvania for the last year on her own because her mother has Celiac Disease. And as she states on the Miss USA Facebook page, "because you never know –  you could be that 1 in 133."
You can vote for her on The Miss USA Facebook page up to 10 entries a day through April 30th.
Let's give her the opportunity to continue promoting Celiac Awareness throughout the USA with the help and support of the celiac community.
Our powerful support is in the numbers - Let's rock America!

Didn't we say it would be a ROCKin' year for Celiac Disease Awareness?!?

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  1. Jenna is in the running for Miss Pennsylvania USA for 2011. Let's wish her all the best as her passion is Celiac Disease Awareness! You ROCK JENNA!


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