Gluten Free Support Groups Help Children In Many Ways

A big thank you goes out to all our R.O.C.K. Stars and their families who attended the Be My Gluten Free Valentine Party 2010.

We made sushi, decorated gingerbread cookies, & made Valentine sachets out of Lavendar and Cinnamon. It was a blast!
But don't just take my word for it - Have a look for yourself.

Through the experience of starting R.O.C.K. Charlotte, I have had many opportunities to witness children empathizing with one another. Just merely recognizing another child who struggles with the same challenges that gluten free living entail is priceless. But to be able to see them enjoy a party without one worry about food or others contaminating them is amazingly healing. In this class, the predominant lesson was unable to be overlooked - Children will eat and enjoy food more when they are a part of its preparation. Even children who said they didn't like this or that ended up eating it and asking for more. A big lesson to us parents that bend and allow the child's protest of "I don't like that" to be the deciding factor on eating meals.

As for the rest of the party -

 Have a look in the R.O.C.K. Diner for the recipe to our marinade that we used for our pan seared tuna to fill our sushi with. The kids loved it.

And a huge thank you goes out to Barbara D'Ambrosio, The Thoughtful Baker, for delicious gingerbread cookies the kids enjoyed decorating with icing.

Udi's Gluten Free Baked Goods were sampled and we are anxious to see them carried in our local stores because they were one of the best commercially baked products we have tried. Look in our All Star Product Section for their web link.

Without our R.O.C.K. Stars, we wouldn't do what we do nor have near as much fun:-)

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