R.O.C.K. Charlotte Fundraiser & Celiac Awareness Needs Volunteers

We need YOU!

R.O.C.K. Charlotte's fundraiser is January 23rd and was posted as an invitation to our next meeting.
R.O.C.K. Charlotte has been asked to do a presentation to the public at the Health Fare during the fundraiser and needs some of our R.O.C.K. Stars to volunteer.

These volunteers would need to be:
1. On a gluten free diet
2. Ages 4-16
3. Be willing to stand before people and state what it is they love about living gluten free
4. Have parental consent.
That's All!

We love this opportunity to educate the public about Celiac Awareness and hope you will answer the call to volunteer your time to dazzle like the R.O.C.K. Stars you are.

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