KALO Foods - There's a New GF Factory in Town!

I picked up a local Winston Salem newspaper in the coffee shop that had an article that caught my eye, "New Gluten Free Facility Opens in North Carolina". The article laid out the story of KALO Foods and the owners Mike & Gerry Cusato and how they had chosen Stokesdale, N.C., a little farming community North of Greensboro and the Triad for their factory location.

As with any new gluten free/allergen free company that I find out about, I found their contact info and wrote an email of introduction. Mike contacted me back promptly and with enthusiasm about me visiting their facility.
From Laurel Springs, it is about a 2 hour drive, so I set out one morning and paid them a visit.

Hwy 65 Stokesdale, N.C.

There, in a new small business park, is KALO Foods. They are as unassuming as their surroundings, but very aware of the needs of our Community, as both of their spouses eat Gluten Free. Then I understood their desire to venture into the small niche of our market. Before that moment, I thought, "Why would they be here?" But, it is safe to assume that if you look around any location of a state, you will find gems of local businesses popping up and thriving to make the national scene of products.

After our visit, Mike sent my daughter and I a basket of their goodies to try. It was a total surprise and I called to thank him. I also wanted to introduce them to our R.O.C.K. group at a meeting, so we scheduled that as well. But, back to the basket...

Now...inside the basket were the following goodies, which were all individually packaged:

Brownies - The best I have had in a while, not so sweet. 
A little bit of a crunch to outside instead of being so dense.

Sugar Cookies - I can imagine these will be a best seller because how nice will it be to have perfect Sugar Cookies to pick up for those school class holiday parties?!?

Snickerdoodles - They held up in milk, what can I say? GF Love!

Chocolate Chip - Excellent texture and oh so chocolatey

Italian Baguettes - Soft, chewy, my favorite of the basket! I used to miss 
dinner rolls a whole lot to occasionally have at home to sop my Southern Gravy or something!

Thanks to KALO Foods for also spreading the love to our R.O.C.K. kids at the Valentine Party!
They treated our kids also with their Vanilla Cupcakes. They were really delish and better than most on the market - Light, fluffy, and the icing wasn't sickeningly sugary, it was more vanilla. Nice!

Thanks to Mike and Gerry, they also gifted me their par-baked Pizza crust...It was also yummy. I won't make comparisons, but to say my husband and daughter raved about the consistency and the thickness (not too!) It was like crust should be and one of the best we have had frozen.

Take a look at their new mixes which we gave away at the Valentine party as prizes for the games. Will have to let our R.O.C.K. Parents fill you in on how they enjoyed them, so write in and let us know if you have tried KALO Foods products:)

We look forward to seeing them grow in our home state!

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