Giving Thanks Gluten Free Style

So much to be thankful for...

We are thankful there are more options which are now making our gluten free Thanksgivings easier and more enjoyable! 
We are thankful that all it takes is eating gluten free and we have a healthier family for it.
We are thankful this year for the ability to have raised awareness in cities across the U.S.
We are especially thankful that we can share knowledge with others in the gluten free community which makes all of our lives run smoother at the holidays.

Thankful for Turkeys
We are also thankful for living in the N.C. mountains where wild turkeys are in abundance. If you want an organic turkey close to Charlotte, we highly recommend our friends at Wild Turkey Farm.
But if you don't have that option or an organic farm to access and have to rely on grocery stores for your Gobbler, here is a list of GF turkeys:
Thankful for Stuffing
  • One support group member had a fabulous idea - She saves the end pieces of her Udi's bread and keeps them frozen  - Then uses them for stuffing once she has collected enough. If you don't have space for that in your freezer or need a faster option:
  • Aleia's Stuffing is fabulous, ready to mix, and already seasoned (just like my old fave Pepperidge Farms)
Thankful for the Ability to Convert Family Favorites
Most of the old family recipes can be easily converted and thanks to people like Gluten Free Girl & The Chef & other great food bloggers, the internet is full of tips and recipe sharing!
Gluten Free Girl even has a Thanksgiving iApp!

Here is our ROCK Charlotte favorites with recipe instructions provided including pie and stuffing:

Another great resource and one of our faves is Delight Gluten Free Magazine's Holiday Issue. Find it on stands or order today!

Hope this info helps you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Gobble! Gobble!

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