The Katz Meow!

As many of you know, our lead coordinator works with the best gluten free companies to bring products to our R.O.C.K. parties to try. Our members greatly appreciate this ability since we all have spent many dollars on products which did not meet our taste expectations. So, we all spend time scouring the internet for reviews on new offerings which exceed taste standards.

Since 2006, Katz Gluten Free Bakery has been offering their treats to their customers. Not only are they certified kosher and gluten free, but their facility is also nut free, soy free and dairy free. Being able to produce quality products of high standards has been their focus and because of this their popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. They have participated in our Expo each year only to be met with praise from those who try their product line. We eagerly accept their generous offers to allow our group to try new items and give feedback.

Being gluten free sometimes has challenges if you do not cook or have unexpected events which require you to produce your own foods. Pies have always been one of those things that we dreaded making because of the time involved in preparation of dough. Thank goodness Katz has answered our prayers with a selection of gluten free pies ready-made. We only had a chance to try their new Apple Pie, but we all agree that we are ready to also try their Blueberry and Cherry Pies too.

The crust is flaky and the inside is a nice blend of apples, cinnamon and sweetness. We served it with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream and slightly heated the pie beforehand. There were no complaints at all and only yummy delicious enjoyment sounds coming from our tasters. The only thing our tasters wished was that there would soon be a bigger pie available for the whole family to enjoy some too.

In the box of goodies was also Katz's new Coffee Bundt Cake which looked devine before even tasting it. Oh how some of missed a bundt cake. This one delivers with a soft spongy texture that is rich and not overpowering sweet. In the middle of the hole in the cake sits a coffee flavored icing container. Just heat the icing slightly, pour over the top and let it drip down, and volia! a wonderful bundt cake to enjoy with coffee or milk. One child remarked that she wanted it for her next birthday party. Now, that's a compliment coming from an 11 year old.

Lastly, they sent us their newest addition to their cookies - Snack Poppers.
These little crunchy cookies taste very much like a light vanilla wafer but with more crunch to them. We thought they would be excellent in a vanilla pudding recipe or dunked into coffee like little pieces of biscotti.

And don't forget to look for Katz Gluten Free breads - Our favorites are their Wholesome Bread and Challah Bread Rolls:-)
Thanks again to Katz for supporting our community and their needs with style and superior taste!

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