Up To The Minute Celiac News on R.O.C.K. Charlotte

The celiac and gluten free communities are abuzz with news this week...

We found out that you can pay a small fortune to have a dog trained in Slovenia to sniff out gluten contamination in your foods. Yes, I said Slovenia! Read about our gluten companions here: Gluten Companions

The American Celiac Disease Alliance is petitioning the FDA to finally define the labeling standards for gluten free foods. Contact them through this link: FDA Vote to make your opinion count!

Elizabeth Hasselbeck gave a very positive interview on gluten free living on Good Morning America in which she also plugged her new "Nogii" bars. You can find that interview here: GMA & Hasselbeck

And just as important the famous celiac disease research physician, Dr. Fasano, has published a new study on celiac and gluten intolerance here: New Study University of Maryland

And that concludes this week's news stories in the gluten free world.
Stay tuned as we bring you the news as it happens on R.O.C.K. Charlotte.
Raising Our Celiac Kids one day at a time:-)

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