The Link Between Food Allergies & Bullying

Bullying is something parents and their children who may fall victim to it are fearful of now more than ever. And why shouldn't they be? The news is rife with tales of children being the victim of bullying which is so severe that someone can die. Especially when your child has a severe reaction to food allergens or has celiac disease you worry already about contaminations.

Those who bully can see a potential weakness to be used as prime target for their intimidation tactics. Because that's what bullies do. And statistics show that it only increases in teen years.

An article on the delightfully informative blog, The Allergic Kid, told the staggering statistics and fears of one mother and her allergic child here: Bullies, Food Allergies, & The Force.

My celiac child experienced teasing before we even knew of her issue. Her constantly distended belly caused one child to call her fat. She came home crying and I called the teacher to find out what we could do to resolve it. I wish I could say that did the trick. It didn't.
Sadly, your child may also experience a type of emotional trauma from the very adults that you have entrusted their care with. Because of our celiac child's constant absences and incessant complaining during the chronic months of her illness before diagnosis, her teacher was an issue as well. She ranged from disbelief at our daughter's symptoms to irritation about her inability to get caught up with work. So although the bullying stopped from the child who called our daughter fat, she then had to contend with a teacher who didn't believe her illness was real.

All of this led to my child not liking school and emotionally more torn up than ever. We eventually decided to home school her rather than deal with a system ill equipped to handle her physical or emotional well being. She is healthy, has caught up with her work and has been on honor roll for 2 years. All is well that ends well. But, it is my sincere hope that eventually we all can live in a society which handles differences with positive results, as idealistic as that is. Until then, my prayers are with all of our children and parents for a bully-free life.

And here are some tips on K104.7 website that are so valuable to a parent whose child is dealing with it.
"Stop Bullying Period"
~Nikki Everett~
Lead Coordinator of R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) Charlotte, N.C.


  1. Its so sad that kids have to be bullies and bullied but when its someone that is supposed to help them and help shape their lives it is just beyond wrong!!

  2. Thank you Donna - my sentiments exactly.


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