Books About Celiac Disease For Children Help Parents & Children Understand Better

It is hard enough as an adult to comprehend that your whole lifestyle will have to change when learning you have celiac disease. It is understandably even harder for a child to comprehend a lifestyle change or just what celiac disease is. The word disease in itself can be frightening for anyone to hear and doubly so for a child. And as a parent the challenge of explaining it without conveying your own emotions onto the situation can be very tough indeed.

We sought out a book for our celiac child to read in order to explain better which would be on her level with simple words. The local library only had one book, Eating Gluten Free With Emily. Thankfully there are many more books which have been lovingly written to help us as parents to explain that help to soften the blow of a new diagnosis. There are also some books available which discuss the challenges a gluten free child faces in a gluten world. You can find a list of books in our R.O.C.K. Charlotte Gluten Free Resource Library to help you and your child along.

There is a new entry which garners special attention:
“Mommy, What is Celiac Disease?” by Katie Chalmers has been endorsed by Dr. Fasano, Dr. Guandalini, Elaine Monarch, and Alice Bast. Kate has celiac disease as does her child and she has written a wonderful new children's book which explains celiac disease "by using Q&A’s through the eyes of a mother and child. The book exemplifies the positive outlook and attitude needed to live happily with this disorder and uses easily understandable dialogue. It explains to children that they have a condition that is very easy to treat with some simple dietary changes and reassures children that they will have a healthy, happy, normal life. It explains the effects of celiac disease on the body with easy to comprehend terms, analogies and illustrations so the child can feel comfortable knowing what it means to be a celiac."
as quoted from www.katiechalmers.com

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