Charlotte Gluten Free Expo Is Now On A Wait List!

Who would have thought we would meet capacity on the first Charlotte Gluten Free Expo in only 16 days?!?
I mean, we knew there was a need based on sheer statistics - But we did not fathom it would be a "sell out" so quickly. The good news is that if you missed registering for this event, we do have a wait list available in case of cancellations and it is accessible from the Charlotte Gluten Free Expo site: Cancellation Wait List

Kathleen Purvis, from the Charlotte Observer, has a blog entitled "I'll Bite". Yesterday, I got a notice by email that she had written about our extraordinary accomplishment of registering to capacity so quickly. In her write up she said, "And in the meantime, with that much demand, I'll bet Charlotte's second gluten-free expo won't be far behind."
Well she is correct! We have already started discussing plans for next year's Charlotte Gluten Free Expo and we don't think you will have to wait a whole year to be able to be a part of it...
Not if we can help it anyway:-) Johnson and Wales University Charlotte Campus has expressed their interest in doing it again next year if the current Expo is a big success. We can't see how it won't be.

This venture all started only 2 months ago when I had an idea and called Johnson and Wales to see if they were interested in hosting our event. Two months later, with the help of Johnson & Wales, many volunteers from area support groups, gluten free food manufacturers, and medical professionals the idea has become a reality. So you can only imagine the whirlwind of work it has taken to come this far in only 60 days time! Therefore, I apologize for not being able to spend more time on the R.O.C.K.(Raising Our Celiac Kids) website - But this Expo is important in a variety of ways.

The original vision was to bring quality gluten free products from all over America to this expo because we didn't see why the gluten free community should have to settle for less when it comes to the taste of their food. We think those that registered will be thoroughly surprised at the quality of the gluten free products we have carefully selected to feature. Companies like: Farmo Pasta, The Grainless Baker, The Chocolate Fetish, Attune probiotic wellness bars, Jaxn's Potato Stix, & local restaurants that feature gluten free menus like Fuel Pizza, Razoo's Cajun Cafe, Posana Cafe, & many more.

The addition of speakers and presentations for quality gluten free information is what will set the Charlotte Gluten Free Expo apart from any we have ever attended - Truly an all encompassing gluten free event that Charlotte, N.C. can be proud of. So if you were not able to get registered this time around, have faith that we will be working hard so that next year's event is even better!

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