Ancient Romans Had Celiac Disease: Italian Doctor Makes Find

Easter week provided a very interesting revelation out of Ancient Rome
An Italian doctor named Giovanni Gasbarinni has found what he believes to be the remains of the first Italian death related to Celiac Disease.

Picture harvested from Glutenfreeville

Why is this important?
Well, in short, to know about where you are, you must know where you have been.

To know when Celiac Disease started will link it possibly to many more unanswered questions.
To be able to trace digenerative disorders through time can open doors to treatment and answers to questions long harboured about the increases in Celiac and how our dependence upon grain has effected us in cicilizations past
Gasbarinni's findings were published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenerology and the link to the original article can be found here:
In English: Glutenfreeville
In Italian: Article

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