We Love Gluten Free Facebooking

Facebook has become a treasure chest of information for me about new gluten free products, books, and recipes.
Gluten free people everywhere are networking in all kinds of ways.
This has its pros and cons of course as all social networking can - We like to focus on the positives though.


  • New gluten free product awareness

  • New recipe ideas and techniques to help all of us non-bakers

  • Social interaction with those who empathize with challenges

  • Contacts to make traveling and being in surroundings which are unfamiliar a lot easier

  • Tips and creative ideas we all can learn from because more than one head can always brainstorm better than when we are alone in our endeavors
Here are some great Facebook finds this week:

Farmo gluten free products
Gluten Free Lab great info site
Celiac Awareness lots of members and lots of networking
Schar bakery

We will keep making posts about Facebook pages and groups which can help you in your search for living a gluten free life with a little more ease:-)

We love Facebook for making it possible for the gluten free community to grow leaps and bounds bringing us all that much closer together.

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