Gluten Free Summer Camps For Kids Make Being The Same A Reality

It's that time of year that all parents start thinking about Summer Camps.

Our R.O.C.K. Star, Erin, attended Camp Wee-Kan-Eat-It last year which is sponsored by the Georgia Celiac Foundation. At first we were scared to send her to a camp away from our watchful gluten free house. But the camp proved to teach her independence and responsibility for her own health care which is an invaluable lesson for sure.

Not to mention that it is a proven fact that children benefit more from social interaction with other children they can empathize with when living a gluten free lifestyle. No longer would they only know a child or two who has the same issues they have.

Here is a list of Gluten Free Summer Camp programs available.

Maybe it's time to see how they do..We think you'll be surprised:-)
Besides, who wouldn't want a gluten free s'more?

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