Gobbling Gluten Free Turkey In Only One Week!!

Sometimes we find gluten in the strangest places.
This can be frustrating to the children and parents who deal with a gluten free lifestyle.
Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is no exception to the rule.

Did you know?
Butterball turkeys have gluten in them. They now have a gluten free line of products and turkeys.
But as always - read the label!
Of course, we favor no antibiotic, nor hormones and pasture raised if not wild turkeys.
However, we all know those aren't as easy to come by.
Look online for farmers locally who can provide you with them if interested in eating more naturally.


There is so much help to be had online in the information super highway - better known as the internet.
To all of those who are making our gluten free lives easier with blogs, email groups and research get
from R.O.C.K. Charlotte area!!!


Triumph Dining Blog is a wonderful resource and has posted another excellent Thanksgiving guide on shopping gluten free and recipes to boot.
Take a look and see what you think.

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