Counting Our Blessings For Celiac Disease

While talking about Thanksgiving, we decided that there were some things about having Celiac Disease and living gluten free that had been blessings in disguise all along.

Out of any struggle, we can look back after facing a challenge and see that we have grown from it.
When anyone finds out they have Celiac Disease, the thought of not being able to have the freedom to choose whatever you want to eat can be a real downer.

Maybe you are able to see there are some blessings that happen...


We asked other R.O.C.K. members to submit their comments as to what they are thankful for even though sometimes it is hard to see.

Here's what they said:

Grace (7 years old) is thankful for Celiac because "Celiac makes me more healthy. Eating gluten free makes me feel better, my tummy doesn't hurt anymore.
And I get the most attention!!!!"


Savanna (age 7) said she is thankful for gluten free diets because, "It made me do better in school. For real, it really did!"


Sierra (age 8) said gluten free was a blessing because "It helped me to feel better and make better choices to be the bigger person. Oh yeah, and ever since I went gluten free, no itchies!"


Erin (age 8) said she was thankful for Celiac because now she "ate healthy and home made" and that now she was healthier than she had ever been.


We also received an email from Janet who founded the Charlotte Celiac Connection group.

Janet said: I am thankful for you, all our members, local support groups everywhere, national organizations and our medical experts who continue to advocate for our cause and to do so tirelessly. Collectively, we are making a huge difference and helping to get the diagnosis rate up as well as making our daily lives much easier. Happy Thanksgivings Day to all!

Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!

Warm Regards,
Janet Kline

President & Founder
Charlotte Celiac Connection


Well,  we are thankful to Janet and all our gluten free community educators, support groups and medical personnel who are making the Celiac community a better place!

We are also thankful for Erin E.'s grandparents - Without their help, we could never have had such successful meetings every month!


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