Growing Up Organic & Local

This week, our coordinators, Nikki Everett & Brenda Holland, took Erin to the local farmer's market in Davidson, N.C.
The Davidson's Farmer's Market vendors have some delicious gluten free items to choose from besides organic veggies and meats galore.
While we shopped for our veggies and meats, we were tickled to find a very nice lady who makes gluten free baked goods.
Her name is Dawn Beltrami & the name of her business is The Hippie Kitchen.
She does not have a website, but can be reached at hippiekitchen@bellsouth.net
Her gluten free zucchini muffins and pumpkin muffins were tasty and moist.
While talking with her, she said she adds 3 new items a week to her gluten free menu!
We will be visiting her again and encourage others to email her about product availability.

We bought some absolutely delicious gluten free breakfast sausage from Wild Turkey Farms.
The nice couple showed us the label and said they use no fillers, no hormones or antibitotics, and no nitrates.
What is nitrates?
Nitrates are used in bacon, sausage, and processed meat.
They are proven to cause immune disorders, gastrointestinal disorders and a number of cancers.
Lee Menius who runs the farm with his family - offer pork, pasture raised beef and chickens.
We also bought some fresh eggs from them and breakfast has never been better!
Erin says it is the best tasting sausage she has ever put in her mouth.

We bought some natural local beef from Mike Smith who is from Big Oak Farm.
Last night, we cooked a shoulder roast that was absolutely yummy.
Mike and his family have been farming over a hundred years.

The farmer's market is a great place to visit with music, food cooked and raw, and the best part is you are helping to save local agriculture which is proven to help the economy and environment.

Due to our coordinators being very busy, there haven't been any posts added to our delightful website.
We have promised little Erin E. to do better.

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