September's School Lunch Cooking Class

This September's R.O.C.K. meeting was held at the Earthfare market in Ballantyne. Out of requests from parents, we planned a School Lunch Menu theme. We had plenty of recipes to share and the R.O.C.K. stars (our children) got to make their own recipe books to take home with them. After that, they tasted lots of yummy treats and then made a Gluten Free Halloween Spider to eat.

The menu we served included Teff/Millet Wraps with peanut butter & honey, Yogurt Waldorf Salad, Banana Pecan & Raisin Bread, and of course the Spider Cupcakes which were made with the new Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Mix, Jelly Belly jelly beans for eyes, and Jelly Belly candy corn for teeth. Black pipe cleaners for their legs and they were adorable!

And everyone was happy and healthy after an afternoon of fun!


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