High Hopes!! Even Ant Colonies Start Somewhere

Did You Know?
As a collective, an ant colony can achieve remarkable things, complete tasks, and solve problems that would be unimaginable for a single ant. Colonies are responsible for building complicated nests, waging battles, and creating highway systems to food sources. The collective intelligence of an ant colony can serve as inspiration to help us solve complex human problems.

Businesses are finding new ways to apply these lessons from nature, from routing trucks to making Internet search more accurate. The theory of swarm intelligence (or collective intelligence) relates to how the simple actions of individuals can come together to produce the behavior of the collective. Deborah Gordon, a biologist at Stanford University summed up the concept this way: "Ants aren't smart. Ant colonies are."

So, while R.O.C.K. in the Charlotte Area is growing, we have introduced your website. We will post meetings, events, have a monthly game to play, a monthly gluten free recipe posted and offer all kinds of FUN! Remember that we couldn't do it without each and every one of you.
*You are our R.O.C.K. Stars*
We help guide one another to make the path to a healthy life easier. And just like ants, we are stronger together than alone.

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